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Filtered Statistics

Wed, Jun 14 2017 18:00 UTC

Filtered Statistics

Statistics in SQL Server play a major role deciding the shape of the Execution Plan. The execution plan is ultimately responsible for the query performance. Filtered statistics is a type of statistics in SQL Server which you can use to influence the query optimizer by providing more information to it so that Query Optimizer could produce a quality execution plans. Filtered statistics was introduced in SQL Server 2008 but in my opinion, it has not got the attention it needed yet. In this presentation, I will demo the use of filtered statistics to improve the cardinality estimation.

Susantha Bathige

Susantha Bathige (MSc, MCITP) is a Microsoft Certified Database Professional specialized in relational database product, MS SQL Server. Having more than 16 years of IT experience including more than 9 years in database development and administration in non-production and production environments. He has experience of other databases systems such Cassandra and MongoDB as well.

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